16 mei 2012


Kai-lan or Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce is probably my favourite vegetable dish in the world. Whenever me and my boyfriend go out for Chinese dinner I ALWAYS order a portion of these delicious greens. Yesterday I tried to cook it at home for the first time and although I didn't use any sesame oil* it turned out pretty perfect.

It's actually pretty easy to make this. Just make sure you don't overcook the kai-lan by leaving it in the boiling water too long. That way it will stay crunchy and healthy.
200 grams of medium sized kai-lan
one clove of garlic, chopped
one small shallot, in thin rings
two tablespoons of oystersauce
two tablespoons of light soy sauce
one tablespoon of sesame oil
salt & pepper
Wash the kai-lan and let it soak in medium salted water for about 15 minutes. Boil a pot of water. Once the water is boiling add a couple drops of oil and half a tablespoon of sugar to it. Blanche the kai-lan in the boiling water for one to two minutes untill the leaves get a darker green colour. Then drain the kai-lan on a strainer and place it on a serving dish.
Now for the sauce heat up some oil in a wok. Add chopped garlic and shallot when the oil is medium hot and stir fry untill it gets a golden brown colour. Now turn down your fire and add some salt and pepper and also two tablespoons of light soy sauce. Mix it and pour it all on top of the kai-lan. Top with sesame oil and oyster sauce and you're ready to go!

*I used some sesame seeds because I didn't have any sesame oil

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