19 december 2010


I so wish I had a donut like this right now..

Also, since the subject is donuts already and it would be kind of sad to just fill this post with a picture of myself eating a donut here's one of my fav Dilla beats:

02 december 2010


Louis Vuitton's exhibition at Musée Carnavalet is all about the famous trunks and other historic objects from it's heritage collections. The selected trunks and luggage reveal the creative proces behind these luxury products which were all tailor made to the wishes of each client.
If you happen to be in Paris anytime soon, make sure not to miss this.

In case anyone would be guessing what to buy me for christmas:

Thanks in advance.

24 november 2010

17 november 2010


This is a video for I'm guessing some sort of fashion outlet in Sicily. Doesn't really matter what it's for actually, It's just classic.

16 november 2010


In case you didn't know, Zara's webshop opened its doors last week (YEAH!) and since I've been trying to find these in the right size at every Zara, without any luck of course, I didn't have to think twice about placing an order.

14 november 2010


KG By Kurt Geiger Jasmine Evening Pump

I swear I cannot party without these anymore.

11 november 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Not sure what to think about Kanye West as a person but I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE what he does as a musician. His new album is what I'll be listening to the next couple of weeks.

Hermès Viral Campaign

The new viral campaign by French luxury brand Hermès contains some funny and creative items like this finger skate video and a bowler hat screensaver.

Here you can see the complete viral

08 november 2010

Dries van Noten AW10/11

All that glitters is hot gold

GOLDENCARAVAN is coming to Amsterdam!

This time the luxury shopping event offers women's shoes from over 20 different high-end fashion labels with discounts up to 80%. This is the perfect occasion to find a great pair of heels for the holidays.

December 3rd & 4th at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.
If you want to attend this event all you have to do is register at GOLDENCARAVAN

07 november 2010


Saw this trailer a couple of weeks ago and was really looking forward to the full version. Just found out the (short) full version is available online now too. This is one to watch!

Excuse my French

Felt like using the good old Adobe set again today and came up with a new layout. Everytime I try to design something I can never decide when it's actually finished and I always end up with 10 options I have to choose from. This is what the blog will look like for now..

I ♥ U SO

Loving this video and tune by Cassius.

Why do iPhones have all the good apps? It's unfair. I want one.

06 november 2010


Since i've been interning at Spice PR for almost three months now I have been spending most of my time in Amsterdam. The last two weeks were really hectic and stressfull because we held our pressday on Tuesday. To thank everyone for all the hard work and hours of over time my boss took us out to newly opened restaurant Mazzo at the Rozengracht 114.

To some of you (not me) the name may sound familiar because Mazzo used to be a club until 6 years ago.
Nowadays Mazzo is just a great looking place where you can go for a coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks. Reasonable prices and great Italian food! The pizza Mazzo with buffalo mozzarella, truffle and rocket is definately worth a try.

24 oktober 2010


When it comes down to music, fashion or video's, Kanye is the king of experimenting. Take a look at his latest project: a short film called "Runaway' which features songs of his upcoming album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'.
Whether you like it or you don't, this is something else.

Can't wait for the album to come out. Lost in the World is already my new fav song.

19 oktober 2010

A Take Away Show

French website La Blogotheque did this short video on Aloe Blacc. I've been liking his music for a while now and of course I was in love with How to make it in America's soundtrack "I Need A Dollar", just like everyone else. In this video he performs a couple songs of his latest album "Good Things", live at some public locations like a subway station and a restaurant.

Love how he did "You Make Me Smile" in the subway station and covered Bill Withers' 'Use Me'. Too bad I can't read the story though, should really step my parler Francais game up soon..

10 oktober 2010

Exit Through The Giftshop

This new documentary by famous graffiti artist Banksy tells the story of a crazy French man, obsessed with filming streetart around the world. After following artists like Space Invader and Shepard Fairey, the man behind OBEY, he starts filming Banksy. In the end he never makes anything but Banksy made this movie about him.

As Banksy describes it, Its basically the story of how one man set out to film the un—filmable. And failed
A must-see for everyone interested in (street)art.

12 augustus 2010

Shine little cat, shine!

Found this somewhere on the www and it made me laugh out loud. Had to share haha!

11 augustus 2010

Signed, sealed and on its way to me

Ever since I saw Acne's 'Rita 2' leather jacket with detachable fur collar I was in love and had to have it. The only problem was that it was way out of my budget.

For this winter Asos came up with a very decent copy of this jacket for only a fraction of the price so I did what I had to do and now it's on its way to me.

12 juli 2010


After being shopping in Antwerp last month I decided to go back once the sale had started. I ended up being super annoyed by the total chaos, ridiculous lines and massive amounts of peope in most shops and didn't buy anything.

This waffle kinda still made my day..

25 mei 2010

Why Don't You Love Me

I've been bored with the Single Ladies-kinda videos for a while, glad to see B do something different.
Love the cartoonish 50's feel on this one!

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

20 mei 2010

Up There

This is a classic piece of authentic storytelling about mural advertising in NYC. Old-fashioned skills!

UP THERE from The Ritual Project on Vimeo.

22 april 2010

I'd like to..

Write a book.
Drive a Porsche 911.
Produce beats.
Work in PR.
Dye my hair blonde.
Buy a Vintage Gold Rolex Datejust.
Watch another season of How To Make It In America.
Lose 10 pounds.
Own a house with canal view.
Go to New York.

That's about it for now..

16 april 2010

Twice as nice!

I love presents.
Last Tuesday I didn't receive one, but two! pairs of Nike Vintage Blazers.
Not being much of a sneakerhead anymore these days but these still make me verrrrry happy!

27 maart 2010


Fuck Belastingdienst, London verzekeringen, Meeus verzekeringen, Peugeot, Deutsche Regierung en newB!

Voor alle anderen die me eventueel nog zouden willen verzieken:
Je hebt nog 2 dagen want vanaf volgende week ben ik er klaar mee!

25 maart 2010

White And Nerdy

Ik heb de eerste mooie dag van het jaar vandaag vanuit de bibliotheek meegemaakt..