24 november 2010

17 november 2010


This is a video for I'm guessing some sort of fashion outlet in Sicily. Doesn't really matter what it's for actually, It's just classic.

16 november 2010


In case you didn't know, Zara's webshop opened its doors last week (YEAH!) and since I've been trying to find these in the right size at every Zara, without any luck of course, I didn't have to think twice about placing an order.

14 november 2010


KG By Kurt Geiger Jasmine Evening Pump

I swear I cannot party without these anymore.

11 november 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Not sure what to think about Kanye West as a person but I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE what he does as a musician. His new album is what I'll be listening to the next couple of weeks.

Hermès Viral Campaign

The new viral campaign by French luxury brand Hermès contains some funny and creative items like this finger skate video and a bowler hat screensaver.

Here you can see the complete viral

08 november 2010

Dries van Noten AW10/11

All that glitters is hot gold

GOLDENCARAVAN is coming to Amsterdam!

This time the luxury shopping event offers women's shoes from over 20 different high-end fashion labels with discounts up to 80%. This is the perfect occasion to find a great pair of heels for the holidays.

December 3rd & 4th at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam.
If you want to attend this event all you have to do is register at GOLDENCARAVAN

07 november 2010


Saw this trailer a couple of weeks ago and was really looking forward to the full version. Just found out the (short) full version is available online now too. This is one to watch!

Excuse my French

Felt like using the good old Adobe set again today and came up with a new layout. Everytime I try to design something I can never decide when it's actually finished and I always end up with 10 options I have to choose from. This is what the blog will look like for now..

I ♥ U SO

Loving this video and tune by Cassius.

Why do iPhones have all the good apps? It's unfair. I want one.

06 november 2010


Since i've been interning at Spice PR for almost three months now I have been spending most of my time in Amsterdam. The last two weeks were really hectic and stressfull because we held our pressday on Tuesday. To thank everyone for all the hard work and hours of over time my boss took us out to newly opened restaurant Mazzo at the Rozengracht 114.

To some of you (not me) the name may sound familiar because Mazzo used to be a club until 6 years ago.
Nowadays Mazzo is just a great looking place where you can go for a coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks. Reasonable prices and great Italian food! The pizza Mazzo with buffalo mozzarella, truffle and rocket is definately worth a try.